Piano Instructors

Nathan, Senior Instructor, Piano

Nathan Pangrazio is an Emmy nominated film composer, with an extensive back-round in classical training as a composer, a pianist, a choral conductor, and a singer.  He is from a family rich in music and art, and his Father is an internationally known art director for film.   He was recognized at an early age as a remarkable and prodigious composer, and at fifteen he was commissioned to write the first piece that achieve widespread attention.  His work, “Kyrie Eleison” was performed multiple times in both the United States and Europe, and was received enthusiastically by sold out audiences.   Amongst Nathan’s achievements prior to age twenty is a commission to write music for the Carmel Bach Festival, (the internationally respected music festival,) a gold metal award from the Monterey Bay Blues Festival, for outstanding musicianship, and fourth place in California’s State wide piano competition.   He attended Indiana University School of Music, for degrees in both composition and vocal performance.  After moving to Los Angeles, he became the music director and choral master of a respected cathedral, and the founder of a music school, “Pangrazio Music”, which employees the industry’s leading instructors and performers.   Working in the film Industry as a composer, he has scored five films, including a feature documentary that aired on PBS.   He was awarded an Emmy nomination in the category of best documentary score for this project.   In addition to feature film and short film work his numerous commercial projects include work for both NBC and Purina/Nestle. 


Jesica, Piano

Coming from both music lover parents, Jesica was sent to private classical piano and group composition class at the age of 6 in Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) and Yamaha Music School in Indonesia. Since then music has become her lifestyle. Jesica went to International College of Music in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and soon she transferred to her dream college, Berkley College of Music as one of Asia World Tour Scholarship recipients. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree on Film Scoring. She has high appreciation of and draws her inspirations from various music genres ranging from classical, world, experimental, to electronic using various instruments ranging from traditional to anything that produces sound. Jesica is now residing in LA pursuing her carrier as composer for visual media, teaching and performing with bands. Jesica continues to teach piano where she had started it in her early carrier back in her hometown. She enjoys teaching besides her composing and performing activities. Seeing her students from knowing nothing to something and to see how they improve on a weekly basis is very rewarding to her especially when they enjoy what they are playing. She teaches various ages of students from kids to adults with different methods and approaches based on their needs. Her youngest she currently has is 3 y.o. Her hope is to be able to inspire their students to a point where their passion will grow along with their playing. Her motto in life is “Having fun and always get excited on what we are doing therefore “boring” words will never exist in our life dictionary”. Instruments: Piano, Keyboard, Music Composition, Arranging, Sequencing and Music Notating.


Kyle, Violin, Guitar, Piano

 At the age of 10 years old, Kyle had a religious experience after hearing J.S. Bach's "Air on the G String" for the first time.  Even at this young age, he became overwhelmingly aware of the power of music in communicating and altering the human experience.  He shortly thereafter embarked on his career as a musician with the purchase of his first violin.  After taking it to it naturally, he began to expand to other instruments.  He acquired a mandolin, then a guitar, then a ukulele, a piano, then he began singing and dabbling in every instrument he could get his hands on.  He then took his studies to the University of North Texas College of Music, where he graduated with honors, collaborating with stringed orchestras, jazz bands, choirs, popular music groups, and even an Indonesian folk music orchestra.  He spent four years living in Spain, where he released his first solo album, Unsung, and developed even further as a musician, collaborating extensively with the student and faculty body of Berklee College of Music's campus in Valencia.  He developed an interest in new sounds from all ends of the world in a constant quest to integrate new styles into his repertoire.  He has now returned to the United States, ready to start making noise and share his love of music with the world.