New Instructors

This note has everything you need to get started teaching students!

The following steps are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to begin or continue to receive clients from us.

Our staff will not be able to schedule lessons for you until the following is completed:

This is the Overview

    1. Create a new Google Calendar and download the smartphone apps, shown in the Training Video below.
    2. Submit a voided check so you can get paid conveniently by EFT direct deposit (you may mail, or take a snapshot and email this to us).
    3. Send us a list of the zip codes you are willing to drive to, (for in home lessons), GO HERE      Find your Zip as shown below, then zoom in on the map and carefully select every zip you wish to service. 
  1. Email us a professional Headshot, (or the best photos you have), a short biography, and an mp3 or mp4 of you playing your instrument.  (This helps us promote you on our website).


    5.      Download the free app ZOHO CRM and sign in using the following login information   


Passphrase:     musicnotes10

Please briefly explore the "Students and Potentials."  You will be using this app to search for your clients information and to make phone calls.   For in- home lessons,  you will need this to get their address for initial consultations.   Also briefly look at other instructors as well.   This is a list of your colleagues that will become useful for subbing and other collaborations.

CALENDAR POLICIES (Very important to payment)

Please download the latest version of Google Calendar for your smartphone, if you don't already have it.

We also use Google Calendar for scheduling and for tracking lesson attendance for invoices.
This is the required format for the calendar event title, first name last initial of student:

Sophie B

If there are two children it should be like this:

Mason & Sophie L (order alphabetically)

Please remember it should be exact for our system to work properly.

Attendance is tracked using a $ sign in the descriptions field for the event.   If there is no $ in the description field of the student event the system will consider the lesson unattended, and therefore unpaid.   An @ sign in the location field is used to indicate an in home lesson, (Then they are charged extra for the in home lesson).

Please use caution when adding the $ so that it doesn’t become a repeating event.   It asks this question each time you edit a calendar event, make sure its for this lesson only.

We encourage instructors to do this immediately after each lesson to process payment correctly at the end of the month.     Please ensure that the calendars are kept very accurately, length of the lessons included.   All in home lessons should be colored Yellow to help us organize the rooms at the church with clarity.   Not keeping an organized calendar can lead to administrative frustration and loss of income.

You will be asked at the end of the month to review your report and then if you find errors, make those changes in your calendars before the last day of the month.   All in home lessons should be Yellow to avoid confusion in booking rooms at the church.

In the case of cancellations where you feel you need payment, please send an email to describing the date and time of the lesson that was cancelled and why you feel it should be paid to you /charged to the student.   Our typical policy is a first time strong warning for a late cancellation, with clarity that when it happens again they will be charged.   I’d like to add that this does not apply for sickness or emergencies.   Also, in the case when it’s a great family and you would like to maintain a better sense of customer care.   If however the instructor feels taken advantage of, please report this to the above email address so we can consider it and charge the clients.

Available time slots:   Make blocks on your google calendar and name the event "FREE" In all Caps.   Then under edit for this event set the event to "Available" instead of Busy.   UNLESS THIS IS DONE WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR AVAILABLE TIMES, AND CAN'T BOOK YOU ANY LESSONS!!!!    Also, make sure this information is very accurate, and delete blocks when you are out of town.   If you know that you will be free on a repeated weekly basis go ahead and create a repeating time block.




Pangrazio Music Offers an Initial Free Lesson, Because it Just Works.  

Businesses and individuals who don't offer this free initial meeting really can't compete with us.   We do this because its essential to getting our foot in the door for a new client.  We believe that as soon as they meet us, they won't think of calling another instructor.

Please recall that punctuality, dress, and attitude are what will determine the new potential client's first impression.   During the lesson be sure to give them a list of things to practice and at the end, encourage them to get started.    Stress the convenient Pangraziomusic Store, and how they can obtain instruments if they need them, at great prices, and of course our recitals and other advantages.    Make it easy for them, feel free to share your phone number with them, all they have to do is sign the student agreement of simple policies, and then you can schedule with them the most convenient time for both of you.   Remember to explain to them the student policies.   The most important policies are probably that we require 24 hours notice for canceling or changing lesson time, with the exception of someone getting sick.   Also they will be emailed an invoice on the 1st or 2nd day of each month for the total number of lessons taken in the previous month.

Scheduling should be done between the student and instructor following the initial free lesson.  (Be sure to update your calendar however:)

Instruments We Offer

Piano, Voice, Violin, Guitar, Cello,

Important Additional Details:

If you don't update your free time slots, or have any free time slots, unfortunately you won't get new students.  The way our system works, when someone calls, we immediately book them a free lesson with you to get them hooked!  Please make sure you update your calendars every Sunday evening for the coming week.  If you know you have a repeating free time put it on weekly repeat using your Google calendar.

Parking Policies

You will be provided with a key fob for gate entry.   Please use this only for your vehicle, but you may use the code #555 to let in a brand new student.  Once a new student is signed up they will be provided with a personal code.  Please do not let them in with your key fob.  Also, its probably quite evident, never use the church parking lot for purposes other than teaching for Pangrazio Music, to avoid loss of privileges.

Welcome on board!


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