Career Opportunities

1. Degree in music (preferably music education, but any).
2. Skilled performer on their instrument(s) of choice (Multi-instrumentalists preferred).
3. Experience as an instructor, with a passion for teaching - Comfortable working with students of all ages.
4. Great attitude and professionalism - A person who lights up a room when they walk in the door, and makes clients feel comfortable.
5. Honest and responsible (Please note, we require a credit and background check before beginning to work with us).
6. Exceptional punctuality

7. Excellent organizational skills - Quick with technology like google calendars. Our instructors manage their own calendars, and need to be on top of reporting/adjusting any changes to their schedules to management.


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For the question regarding which zip codes you are willing to travel to for in home lessons, please follow this site,      Find your Zip as shown below, then zoom in on the map and carefully select every zip you wish to service. 
If you wish to teach only in our Westwood Facility, please write "NO"  or "None" in this first question.


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