Beethoven, Perseverance

One of the greatest stories of perseverance in human history must be of Beethoven, and the story of his deafness.

Beethoven was born in 1770 in Bonn Germany.   He Studied piano with Haydn, composition with Salieri, and even studied with Mozart.
At perhaps the height of his youthful successes, around age 26, Beethoven started telling his friends he was hearing strange sounds, buzzing noises.   He started to became aware that he was developing hearing problems.  Can you imagine the despair, and the fear, as
this great composer began to realized that he was slowing going deaf?  By age 30, he could barely hear, and by age 46 he was finally completely deaf.   Most people would probably stop writing music, but rather than do this, Beethoven persevered, and in fact wrote his greatest works after going completely deaf.   One amazing example is the famous 9th symphony, (Ode to Joy), which may be considered his most celebrated work of all time.  The famous story goes that he insisted on conducting the work in concert, and was often several measures off from the orchestra.   Since he could not hear any applause after the performance, he had to be turned around so he could see the reaction of the audience.    Five standing ovations. It is amazing to reflect on the amount of determination and passion Beethoven had for music, and the idea that we should never give up.  We suggest the reader take a moment now to listen to the 4th movement of Beethoven’s 9th symphony.   See if you can hear the the striving, the desire to break through and overcome in this great work. Imagine the composer writing every note out of his imagination but without the satisfaction of ever hearing it.

Student of the Month!

Micah L . has been selected as the student of the month!

Micah is a piano student of Jesica Y, and has really worked hard to improve herself on the piano.  We are very proud of Micah’s progress.  Jesica, Micahs teacher says “Micah is eagar to learn, and does MORE than she is asked.   I am very encouraged to teach her because she is so self motivated.   She learns songs quickly, week one, hands apart, week two, hands together and she can complete an easy piece within two weeks.   She has a great attitude, and is willing to do whatever is asked.  She is, diciplined in her pracitce, great at keeping up old pieces, and always positive excited about learning.”   In a brief interview we asked  Micah some questions about music, and her advice to other students on how to become more successful.
What advice would you give to other students on how to be more 
successful with their piano practice.
“Practice, Pracitce Practice Everyday.
Try and Try and NEVER GIVE UP
When you try and try, you will get better and better.”
Who is your favorite composer?
“Tchaikovsky, I watched Swan Lake on TV when 
I was young and loved it.”
If you took on another instrument what would it be?
“My second instrument will be Violin.”
What are you other interests/skills?
Who would you say is your greatest hero?

Instructor of the Month

Pangrazio Music Proudly announces a new Guitar Instructor!

Chris is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Santa Cruz, CA. He started guitar lessons at age 5 and has an extensive background in traditional Bluegrass and Irish flat-picking guitar, Jazz voice, and Pop songwriting/composition and guitar. 
Chris graduated with a B.A. in Music from UC Berkeley, where he studied Jazz Voice and Guitar. He is a recipient of the prestigious Eisner Prize at UC Berkeley for “creative achievement of the highest order in Music”. In 2016 Chris released his debut album, ‘Make Things Right’, a project he spent two years writing, arranging, producing, and recording 
with a team of 40 musicians. He has toured the West Coast with his band, the Sound Agency, and as a back-up vocalist for a number of artists. For seven years, Chris has taught music across multiple genres in guitar, voice, songwriting, musicianship, harmony, and performance workshops to students of all ages.

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