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Mozart is probably the one of the first names that comes to mind when anyone thinks of music. But did you know Mozart died at age 36 with no money, and spent most of his adult life struggling financially? Here are some more interesting facts about Mozart.


1. Mozart could write music before he could write words.

2. At age 3 he began music lessons, at age 6 he had his first recital in front of royalty.

3. At age 5 Mozart wrote his first composition, its already annoyingly well written. 4. At age 14 He wrote his first Opera...

5. By age 19 Mozart had written half of all his symphonies.

7. At age 26 Mozart got married and had six children. Only two of them survived infancy.

8. When Mozart was 31, Beethoven, (only 16), came to Vienna to get two weeks of music lessons from Mozart.

9. Mozart wrote 200 Hours of music.

10. Mozart died at age 36 of kidney problems.



Student of the Month! Myla I. Age, 10

Lets hear what Myla said in a recent interview!

How long have you been at Pangrazio Music?  I’ve been a student at Pangrazio Music for 5 Years.

What got you first interested in playing piano?  I’ve always loved music so I wanted to pick up an instrument. My dad started playing piano when he was 4, and I also thought that it was a cool and unique instrument.

What’s your favorite piece you have learned? My favorite piece I’ve played is Gradus ad Parnassum by Debussy.

Who is your favorite composer? I love a lot of composers, but I’ve always enjoyed Mozart’s music.

What do you like about your music lessons? I like that the lessons can be educational and always help me be my best by learning techniques, while being a lot of fun, making me want to come back every week.

What are your future goals with music? I want to perform on a larger scale, and compose my own music. I have begun, and want to continue, learning new instruments as well. I’m planning on taking viola lessons at Pangrazio Music this summer.

Who is your your musical hero or inspiration, past or present? Nathan Pangrazio

Who's on your playlist? Adele, Lots of Classical on the radio - KUSC, Ed Sheeran,

Do you have a favorite current artist? Adele.

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