• Beethoven, Perseverance

    One of the greatest stories of perseverance in human history must be of Beethoven, and the story of his deafness. Beethoven was born in 1770 in Bonn Germany.   He Studied piano with Haydn, composition with Salieri, and even studied with Mozart. At perhaps the height of his youthful successes, around age 26, Beethoven started telling his friends he was hearing strange sounds, buzzing noises.   He started to became aware that he was developing hearing problems.  Can you imagine the despair, and the fear, as this great composer began to realized that he was slowing going deaf?  By age 30, he could barely...

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  • Mozart and More

    Thank you for reading Pangrazio Music’s first newsletter! Be sure to check these newsletters to see who was selected for student of the month, for teacher of the month, and for fun little stories related to music.   Noteworthy Mozart is probably the one of the first names that comes to mind when anyone thinks of music. But did you know Mozart died at age 36 with no money, and spent most of his adult life struggling financially? Here are some more interesting facts about Mozart.   1. Mozart could write music before he could write words. 2. At age 3...

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